Professional Property and Association Management

AREM was organized specifically to provide professional facility management service, and offers complete property and association management services including, but not limited to:

  • Superbly crafted (proprietary), court-tested application, lease and security deposit agreements, written with the property owner and landlord in mind. All of these documents, although not original in every detail with AREM were developed primarily in-house, with review by outside legal counsel.
  • Consistent, timely and well organized reference and credit checks of potential tenants. Personal interview and assessment of each applicant. Excellent, attractive and attention-getting advertisements, marketing brochures and other marketing devices and systems.
  • Prompt and accurate financial, accounting and management reporting. Usually by the 15TH of the month. AREM can pay all of property related accounts, or merely deposit or forward a monthly rent proceeds check to the Owner. Property management accounting performed on state-of-the-artcomputerized system. Every expense may be paid thru the property management account, including taxes, insurance, repair, maintenance and note payments, with complete monthly accounting to owner.
  • Funds received and deposited to trust accounts, and accounted for in strict compliance with the rules of the Colorado Real Estate Commission, and are subject to audit at any time by the Real Estate Commission.
  • Consistent, well delineated plan of action on any late payments of rental. On residential units, a 3-day Notice to Pay or Vacate is usually issued and posted the third day after the rent is due and remains unpaid. Filing in the La Plata County Court of an Unlawful Detainer action if no rent paid after sixth or seventh day, unless prior arrangements made by tenant/management. Tenants are well informed of collection policies, and late rent is usually not a problem. Commercial leases are handled in the same general manner, subject to the terms of the lease and applicable Colorado law. Collections and/or judgments are pursued vigorously.
  • Quarterly or other periodic property inspections are performed to assure proper care is being given, and to verify lease compliance (as, number of occupants).
  • Most, if not all, property management/tenant relations problems have been encountered and successfully and imaginatively dealt with.
  • Maintenance and repairs required are obtained from conscientious, reasonably priced subcontractors, with no surcharge or additional cost to owner above actual costs. Utility accounts placed as "standing order" contracts to prevent utility interruptions and potentially costly freeze-ups and other problems.
  • Outstanding record of business and financial management and collections, effecting improvements and improving image and income (and increasing potential sales value), and reducing costs for Condominium Associations, mobile home parks, apartment complexes and other properties managed.
  • Expert development, dissemination and implementation of property "rules and regulations" for apartment, condo and mobile home complexes.

Sandra Tischaefer, Broker, is the Owner and President of AREM. She is the current President of La Plata County Rental Owners and Managers Association (ROMA).