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HOA Management Services Durango Co

As a local management company we take pride in the community we serve from client onboarding to monthly billing and financial reporting, our experienced team provides great local service to over 75 homeowner associations.

Why HOA Management

We understand that you signed up to be a volunteer board member, not a full time employee. Let us assist you and your fellow board in carrying out your duties.

Why Choose AREM

Skilled Team

Our dedicated team manages over 200 properties and 75 homeowners associations delivering exceptional results to our clients.


With over 25 years in the industry, you can rely on our experienced team for the best support and service.

Reliable Services

We handle the headaches so you don’t have to. You are our priority, and AREM is always readily available to help.

Who We Are

AREM is a team of experienced association managers and our purpose is simple – to deliver incredible service to both the board members and the residents of our associations.

Professional HOA Management Services


AREM will send meeting notice to board members and homeowners, create meeting agenda, financials and attempt to obtain proxies to ensure your reach a quorum, host and attend the annual meeting (in person or on Zoom) and are willing to chair the Annual Meeting, Transcribe and send meeting minutes.

Billing and Assessments

AREM will handle all accounts payable and receivable, prepare financial reports, year-end statements, annual budgets, and monthly billing and processing to ensure a smooth operation year-round.

Contractor Management

AREM manages all projects with contractors including bidding out contracts for landscaping, snow removal, sprinkler start-up and shutdown, and any inspections for roof, fire, elevator, and concrete/roadways.


From sending welcome letters for new residents to condo certifications and sales documents, our team takes care of all the paperwork.

Day-to Day Operations

AREM will address owner and tenant concerns, handling all HOA insurance needs and managing water, sewer, electric, and trash accounts are just some of the many daily tasks we undertake on your behalf. Addressing daily tenant, owner, and HOA Member concerns with timely follow up.


Ensuring full compliance is a vital part of our business. We carry out annual SOS and DORA updates to provide the best possible service at the highest standard.

What Our Customers Say

We’re great at what we do but don;’t just take our word for it, see what our satisfied customers have to say.

Get in Touch

Our team is available 8am – 4pm, Monday – Thursday to answer any questions you have. We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out!